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the light series

The Light Series

The 1000 series is a very light, easily operated exterior sliding system with good thermal and acoustical performance, suited for temperate climates.

Light frame

Same Great View

3/4" Vertical Profiles

The world's thinnest sliding profile, featuring 3/4" vertical profiles.

Max 5' x 10' panels

This is our light series, limited to a 1" glass build-up this series is capable of 50-60sqft max per panel sizes.

Integrated Sub-Sill Design

Our Thinline series sliding doors feature a world-class integrated sub-sill drain design. Allowing for immediate water evacuation in three separate options.

Unlimited Configurations

The Thinline series are all modular in their designs. Capable of any configuration from pocketing, stacking, bi-parting, postless corners, and unlimited panels.

unlike the typical rolling sash design, the THINLINE™ series doors were designed to glide. With the stainless steel ball-bearing track design, this system is capable of moving panels with the push of a finger! 

Thermally Broken

Having a "true" thermally broken door is very important for most Energy codes. The thermally broken system helps reduce thermal conductivity keeping interior and exterior temperatures from battling each other.


The Thermal-break is made with a Polyamide resin that contains amorphous polymers that have exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties that are exceptionally strong.



With the push of a finger

Our handles are designed to disappear. Running the entire vertical length of the lead panel, there is no obnoxious hardware, only a finger pull. Our lock hardware is a simple, elegant throw bolt. Utilizing a 3/8" grade 303 Stainless Steel that is undeniably strong, yet subtle in appearance.


Standard Anodized Finishes

Satin / Clear

F6 - Dark Bronze

Custom Anodized Finishes

F5- Medium Bronze

F4 - Bronze

Aluminum Colors

Standard Anodized Finishes are available in-stock. Our Doors and Windows can be customized to match almost any finish. Samples shown are representative only. For exact paint swatch samples, please contact us.

Download our Finishes Brochure

Custom Colors

Have a specific color in mind? We can customize the color of your Thinline™ Door to match virtually any finish.

Kynar® Finishes

F3 - Light Bronze

F2 - Champagne

F1 - Light Champagne

F0 - Stainless

F3G - Gold

F1G - Gold

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