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Project Manager

Oversee and direct all stages of the manufacture of custom order glass doors and windows for architectural projects, from the setting of requirements, through delivery. Review architectural drawings and project in-depth to schedule deliverables and costs. Establish production schedule. Ensure project remains on schedule and within budget. Analyze production data. Write Production reports. Monitor equipment usage and maintenance to ensure necessary downtime does not impact production schedule. Monitor every stage of production, analyze current methods, and develop new ways to save steps, time and materials in order to reduce costs. Ensure final product meets company standards and applicable safety guidelines and regulations. Monitor workers to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements. Resolve and fix any production problems.

Minimum 2 years experience as Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager in Construction or Architectural related projects

Job Location: Simi Valley, CA

Please send resume to

Simi Valley, CA

Door and Window Fabricator

Required Skills:

-Background in Door and Window Fabrication

-Use General Power Tools

-Drilling, Cutting, Tapping, Assembly

-Expert Understanding of Measurements

-Attention to Detail

Simi Valley, CA

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